The Way
Series: Xena: Warrior Princess (1995)
Season: Four
Story Number: 084
Writer: R.J. Stewart
Director: John Fawcett
Broadcast: 1 February 1999
Previous Story: Between the Lines
Following Story: The Play's the Thing


Xena and Gabrielle encounter their old friend Eli who has been targeted by Indrajit, the King of Demons, and his dark minions.

On their way they met with a monkey-like man (White long beard, climbs tree more than monkeys), who further explained to them who Indrajit was. As they seek a hide out, Eli got captured alongside with Gabrielle by Indrajit to his far-away kingdom.

Inorder to rescue them Xena seeks the help of krishna, though she was reluctant to pray to him because she does not believe in gods. He answered her prayers and told her when she faces Indrajit she should call unto him.

Xena set-off to Indrajit kingdom where Eli was been tested by the king of demons, Gabrielle failed the test(a fake Xena was captured and been tortured, Gabrielle thinking it was Xena fell for it and seeked to help her friend), Xena got there in time and fought with Indrajit, but she got her hand cut, upon seeing she couldn't fight him with her power she called onto krishna, who transforms her into an avatar of the goddess Kali, a god powerful with many hands such like Indrajit, they fought and she won. 

Meanwhile, Eli helps Gabrielle embark on a new path and Xena, after her glimpse of her future life as a peace maker in Between the Lines, fears her warrior's actions in this life might prevent that from happening as it should.

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  • The World Vaisnava Association protested the airing of this episode that featured Krishna as a character. The group claimed the episode was blasphemous because Krishna was seen helping Xena and Gabrielle, implying that they were lesbian lovers.

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