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The Destroyer fighting Xena

The DestroyerEdit

The Destroyer is the monster child of Hope and Ares. It was born because Hope and Ares wanted to help the evil god Dahak take over the world, so they were going to make an army of Destroyers. Only one of them was born though sometime after Ares saved Hope from the lava pit. It grew very fast, since it was over 7 feet tall in less than a very months.

The Destroyer eats any kind of meat from sheep to humans. Hope kept it in a cave outside Potidaea, and came by to check on it and feed it every once in a while, but sometimes it got out to find food for itself. It could only come out at night though, because it couldn't walk into the sunlight. It loved it's mother very much, and had a personality like a very young child, since that's what it was. It could even speak a little bit.


Xena came to Potidaea looking for Gabrielle, where she found out about the Destroyer. She tried to fight it, but it was too strong, and covered in deadly spikes, so she couldn't get to it. She finally was able to kill it when Gabrielle pretended to be Hope, and distracted it while Xena stabbed it in the back. Hope came running in, and The Destroyer killed her as it was dying, thinking she betrayed him.

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The Destroyer and Hope