Poseidon was the greek god of the ocean, and one of the olympians. In Xena, he is voiced by Charles Seibert and Rick Jacobson. He appears in the episodes "Ulysses", where he threatens the greek hero and attepts to stop him cross the seas to his homeland, Ithaca. His second appearance is in the following episode "The Lost Mariner", as he tries to trick Xena into abandoning the cursed pirate Cecrops and decling to help him. His third and final appearance was in "Motherhood", where he, along with several other gods, set an ambush on Xena and her daugter eve, but this results in his death at xena's hands, where she deflects a deadly fireball cast by one of the gods, which instantly vaporizes him. Poseidon also appeared at the opening credits for xena, long before he appeared in an actual episode. He appears as a giant man torso made of water, with glowing blue eyes and a gold crown and trident.

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