Past Imperfect
Series: Xena: Warrior Princess (1995)
Season: Four
Story Number: 077
Writer: Steven L. Sears
Director: Steven L. Sears
Broadcast: 4 January 1999
Previous Story: Crusader
Following Story: Key to the Kingdom

Synopsis Edit

Xena and Gabrielle work to save a village that is being destroyed in exactly the same manner in which the warrior princess destroyed another village years ago as she was in a fighting the Centaurs.

Memorable quotes Edit

Cast Edit

  • Lucy Lawless as Xena
  • Renée O'Connor as Gabrielle
  • Marton Csokas as Borias
  • Jòhn Manning as Oaklin
  • Craig Muller as Pasicus
  • Mark Webely as Jareyd
  • Lyndon Hendrikse as Sentry/Soldier
  • Bill Florian as Lieutenant
  • Normn Potts as Guard
  • Paul McLaren as Miner
  • Paul Gittins as Kaleipus
  • Catherine Boniface as Satrina
  • Mark Ferguson as Dagnine

Background information and notes Edit

  • This episode explored the circumstances of Borias' death as well as the birth of Xena's son Solon. The flashback sequences seen in Orphan of War were reshot here with different costumes and altered dialogue.

Continuity and mistakes Edit

Disclaimer Edit

  • Borias' goose was cooked during the production of this motion picture.