Lucifer, later known as The Devil or Satan, was an archangel who reigned over Hell due to the machinations of Xena. (XWP: "Heart of Darkness")

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[1]Lucifer in Heaven[2][3]Lucifer on Earth[4]Lucifer transforming into the King of Hell[5]Lucifer Strangling Xena[6]Lucifer in You Are There Add a photo to this gallery==Background Edit==

  • Lucifer was portrayed by Alex Mendoza in his first appearance, and Joel Tobeck in his second.
  • Lucifer is the name given to an ambiguous word in Latin translations of the Old Testament Book of Isaiah, which is rendered in Greek as "morning star". Over time, Lucifer/the morning star came to be understood as a fallen angel, and later became equated with Satan (who although antagonistic, is not described as having fallen).


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