Indrajit was known as The King Of Demons. He, like other Gods before him, was easily able to match up to Xena's fighting skills. He is the only being who can kill Hanuman.



  1. Forms
    1. Human
    2. Demon
  2. Appearances
  3. Background

Biography EditEdit

Indrajit targets the newly found Devi, Eli. He finds Xena and Gabrielle to help him out. Eli informs them that he is a fearsome opponent, and that Xena should be careful.

Xena, Gabrielle and Eli then encounter Hanuman, an immortal who wants to protect Eli. He has only one weakness - Indrajit.

When Idrajit kidnaps Eli and Gabrielle, Xena, for once, listens to Eli and prays to the Hindu deity, Krishna. He tells Xena that if she struggles, then all she should do is say Krishna's name, and he will lend a helping hand.

When the Warrior Princess and the King Of Demons come face to face, Indrajit beats Xena to pulp. Xena entrusts Krishna's help and she transforms into a Kali-type figure.

She manages to defeat Indrajit and save Gabrielle and Eli. [1]Indrajit In His Demon FormAdded by The true sora==Forms Edit==

Human EditEdit

Indrajit could easily be mistaken for an ordinary person in this form. He has an evil looking face and is still capable of unspeakable things whilst in this form. This is his secondary form, although he only reverts to his demon form when necessary.

Demon EditEdit

In this form, Indrajit sprouts four extra arms, gains in human strength and seems to be even more enraged. It is only in this form that he is able to best Xena and manages to remove her two arms. She utters Krishna's name, and she too gains inhuman strength and two extra arms. Xena's demon form seems to be directly based on Kali, the Hindu Goddess of Time and Change. Xena defeats Indrajit and reverts back to her human form.

Appearances EditEdit

Background EditEdit

  • He was played by Rajneel Singh.
  • Indrajit is a powerful asura (demon) in Hindu mythology, the son of the ten-headed demon king Ravana. Indrajit commanded his father's armies in the battle against Rama, the seventh avatar of Vishnu, and as finally slain after a three-day battle with Hanuman and Rama's brother Lakshmana. 

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