Gurkhan is a villain and a mysteriously majestic warlord. He has a very high reputation for being one of the most illustrious men in North Africa and he owns a collection of wives. He also has many loyal bodyguards who act as his decoys so others won't find out his true identity. He is clever for a warlord and he is also rather respectful when it comes to slave trade. Gurkhan is responsible for raiding and killing many villagers in Gabrielle's hometown Potidaea. He beheads Gabrielle's mother and father and kidnaps her niece, Sara. When Gabrielle returns to her home village, she finds out from Lila, her sister, that Gurkhan was responsible for the raid. Gabrielle travels alongside Xena, Eve, and Virgil to North Africa, where they free Sara and Gurkhan's other wives and trick Gurkhan's own guards into killing him.

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