This is an episode list of the American cult television series Xena: Warrior Princess, created by Robert Tapert and John Schulian. Xena is a historical fantasy set primarily in ancient Greece, although it has a flexible time setting and occasionally features Oriental, Egyptian and Medieval elements. The flexible fantasy framework of the show accommodates a considerable range of theatrical styles, from high melodrama to slapstick comedy, from whimsical and musical to all-out action and adventure. While the show is typically set in ancient times, its themes are essentially modern and it investigates the ideas of taking responsibility for past misdeeds, the value of human life, personal liberty and sacrifice, and friendship. The show often addresses ethical dilemmas, such as the morality of pacifism; however, the storylines rarely seek to provide unequivocal solutions.

The series debuted on March 13, 1995, on the TV series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Three pilot episodes for the series, collectively called The Xena Trilogy, initially aired as part of the first seasons of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Xena's own series began in September 15, 1995, the series ran for six seasons and 134 episodes until its final episode aired on May 21, 2001. The series won a Emmy Awards in 2001, and was ranked in #10 in TV Guide's Top 25 Cult TV Shows of All Time.


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