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"I'm starting to think we'd have more luck finding a virgin in Caligula's palace."


Emperor Caligula in Rome

Portrayed By Alexis Arquette
Series Xena: Warrior Princess
First Appearance "The God You Know"
Last Appearance "You Are There"
Also Known As Emperor of Rome
Cause of Death stabbed himself
Killed By suicide (pressured by Xena)
Romances Xena
Affiliations Rome, Roman Empire, Tiberius

Caligula, Emperor of Rome, was a recurring character on Xena: Warrior Princess. He was known for his wild debauchery. He obtained godhood, but killed himself shortly after. Even early in his life, tales of Caligula's wild antics reached as far as Eire. (HTLJ: "Redemption")

Some 28 years later, Caligula succeeded Tiberius as Emperor of Rome. He imprisoned the goddess Aphrodite and stole her godhood. Xena infiltrated Caligula's court and talked him into killing himself. (XWP: "The God You Know")

After his death, Caligula spent his afterlife in the Greek underworld. (XWP: "You Are There")

Historically, Caligula was succeeded by his uncle Claudius, but there is no suggestion in XWP as to who succeeds him. Claudius was in fact meant to appear in a scene where he pardoned Xena, Gabrielle and Eve (this would also explain why Romans in later episodes were so eager to defend them), but was cut for time.


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