Bacchus is the demonic-looking (at least in the series) god of wine, partying, and excess. He and his followers, the Bacchae, hang out in a cave some undetermined distance away from Cheiron's Academy. Despite his supposed belief that life should be lived without rules and restrictions, he keeps a pretty tight leash on his followers, especially Orpheus.


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  • Has some really awesome PR - "Bacchus is the god of good times. With Bacchus on your side, you can kiss your cares goodbye." - 1.19 - Lure of the Lyre
  • Does not keep his deals - He agreed to a one-on--one battle against Hercules, only to betray Herc and sic the Bacchae on Herc when he starts to lose the fight. - 1.19 - Lure of the Lyre

Bacchus, also known as Dionysus, was the God of good times (YH: "Lure of the Lyre") and god of wine (XWP: "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"). His followers were called the Bacchae. (YH: "Lure of the Lyre")

Bacchus was considered an outcast by his family. His followers, the Bacchae, were forbidden to enter the Elysian Fields by Hades. (YH: "A Lady in Hades")

During Hercules's studies at Cheiron's Academy, two of Bacchus's followers, Orpheus and Eurydice, attempted to lure Hercules, Iolaus, as well as Lilith into the cult under Bacchus's orders. After Lilith was bitten with the Mark of the Bacchae and began to turn into a Bacchae, Hercules went back to Bacchus's cave to cure Lilith. Hercules challenged Bacchus to a fight and was able to win by using Bacchus's gilded spring to injure Bacchus and cure Lilith. Hercules, Iolaus, Lilith, Orpheus and Eurydice all escaped the Bacchae. (YH: "Lure of the Lyre")

Shortly after, Bacchus was able to make a deal with Orpheus to give Eurydice her freedom and to let Orpheus keep his enchanted lyre. Orpheus promised to recruit new members into the Bacchae cult.

When Orpheus and Eurydice were scheduled to play a concert at Kora's tavern, Bacchus and Orpheus used the opportunity to release Bacchae into the crowd to strategically mark new recruits. Unfortunately for Bacchus, Hercules was at the concert and warned the crowd. He once again challenged Bacchus to a fight and with some Dryad bones he gathered, Hercules vanquished Bacchus, releasing his thrall over all of the Bacchae. (YH: "Fame")

Orpheus attempted to keep Bacchus's lyre and claimed he through it off a cliff. Bacchus gained new followers and sent them after Orpheus and Eurydice to retrieve his lyre and gain his revenge. Eurydice, crushed that Orpheus would lie to her, attempted to give the lyre back to Bacchus, under the hope that he would stop chasing them. Afterwards, Bacchus attempted to make Eurydice his bride. Eurydice agrees under the condition that he leaves Orpheus, Hercules and Iolaus alone. Hercules then attempted to save Eurydice by defeating Bacchus once and for all. When Bacchus planned a sneak attack using his vine-controlling powers, Eurydice pushed Hercules out of the way and was fatally hit by the vine. Bacchus then left, swearing vengeance on Hercules for the death of Eurydice. (YH: "Lyre, Liar")

Over the years following, Bacchus and the Bacchae gained a reputation and Orpheus returned to their ranks. It was at this point that Xena met Bacchus and Orpheus during her time as a warlord. Eurydice, somehow back from the Elysian Fields, had befriended Xena, was killed purposely by Bacchus during a battle with Xena's forces. After Eurydice's death, Orpheus swore to destroy Bacchus by living in the Bacchae Forest and taming the Bacchae with Bacchus's lyre, so they couldn't destroy the world.

In retaliation to this action, Bacchus cursed Orpheus, by destroying his body, as well as decapitating him, but still keeping his head alive to see the evil Bacchus planned to unleash. Orpheus, although bodyless, was able to contact Joxer and pay him to deliver him to Xena and Gabrielle. Bacchus had recently been kidnapping women from a village neighboring his forest and was planning to transform them into Bacchae. Xena and Gabrielle, who have both been turned into Bacchae, finally destroyed Bacchus by stabbing him with a Dryad bone. (XWP: "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun")

When Salmoneus was creating his "House of Horrors" one of the items on display was a wax copy of Bacchus's head. (HTLJ: "Mummy Dearest")

On the television series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys one of the items created by the production team was a copy of Bacchus's head. (HTLJ: "Yes, Virginia, There is a Hercules")


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Background MythologyEditEdit

For full information see the Wikipedia article on Dionysus.

Bacchus was the Roman equivalent of the Greek god Dionysus. He mother was mostly given as Stimula (Greek name Semele), but some legends state his mother as Proserpina (Greek name Persephone) or Ceres (Greek name Demeter). He had children with Venus (Greek name Aphrodite) and Libera (Greek name Ariadne).


Bacchus and EurydiceEdit

[1][2]Bacchus and Eurydice - "Uniting the Eternal with the Temporal".Although "how they met" is still a mystery, what is obvious is that Bacchus and Eurydice have a long and complicated relationship. According to Bacchus, they both shared deep feelings for each other at one time, but since then Eurydice's feelings have migrated to Orpheus. Bacchus still cares deeply for her and thinks that if he waits long enough, she'll come back to him. She betrays him to help Hercules, and runs away from the cult to start a new life with Orpheus. Later, she gives Bacchus his lyre back and agrees to marry him if he promises to leave Hercules alone. Bacchus goes back on his word and attacks Hercules during the wedding; Eurydice interferes in the fight and is killed by one of Bacchus's attack vines. She dies in Hercules's arms, and Bacchus is deeply affected by her death and swears revenge.

Current relationship status: Old flames that have grown cold on one side.

Moments in 1.19 - Lure of the LyreEdit

  • Since she became one of the Bacchae, Eurydice is a particularly favored member of the cult - she appears at Bacchus's side and seems to anticipate his desires, taking it upon herself to give Hercules a tour.
  • As Bacchus plots to build an empire, he takes it for granted that Eurydice will rule it by his side. During this conversation, however, Eurydice's body language is very closed off and she appears preoccupied until Orpheus arrives, at which point she runs to him and warmly hugs him.
  • During the fight, she is the first to betray Bacchus. It is her urging that inspires Orpheus to grab the lyre and begin to play, distracting the Bacchae long enough for Hercules and his friends to break loose, and she turns against the other Bacchae as well to buy them time to save Lilith.

Moments in 1.21 - Lyre, LiarEdit

  • Bacchus is extremely affectionate toward her, despite her obvious feelings for both Orpheus and Hercules. He calls her "fairest of all my children". He explains that he let her go with Orpheus, knowing she would tire of Orpheus and return back to him. It isn't until her feelings shift to Hercules that he begins to realize that he's lost her affection forever.
  • Eurydice knows Bacchus well enough that throwing the lyre back over the cliff will only incite his wrath further, and instead goes to him to make a deal.
  • When she approaches Bacchus to beg him to leave Hercules and the others alone, he agrees on the condition that she will marry him.
  • After her death, Bacchus is distraught and blames Hercules for her death, "You confused her, turned her against me." He swears to one day get his revenge against Hercules.


Bacchus: "The son of Zeus will be perfect for my purpose. With him as my lieutenant, I can use you and the other Bacchae to build an empire. An empire which you and I will share, Eurydice, once I make Hercules join us."
- (1.19 - Lure of the Lyre)Bacchus: "There was a time, Eurydice, when you had those same feelings for me. When you sat beside my throne as the most favored of all my Bacchae."
- (1.21 - Lyre, Liar)

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