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Ambrosia in A Fistful of Dinars

Ambrosia is a consumable created by the Greek pantheon. It is known to mortals as the Food of the Gods or the Nectar of the Gods, as it can appear both as a solid jelly-like fruit or a liquid. When consumed, it has the power to revive a recently dead mortal, or to turn a healthy mortal into a deity. It was sent to Earth by the Greek pantheon, and is very rare. It was only found in two places in the Xenaverse. One was in a temple of Sumerian treasure, but was destroyed by Xena when she threw it into a lava stream. Another was locked in Amazon lands, which could only be opened with one of the Daggers of Helios. That was the Ambrosia eaten by Callisto and Velasca, to become goddesses, and Xena to come back to life. The rest of it was destroyed when it landed in fire pit.

Powers of AmbrosiaEdit

Ambrosia has the power to make any mortal into a deity once they eat it. Only a small amount of Ambrosia needs to be eaten in order to cause this transformation. As a deity, the mortal obtains the powers commonly associated with other deities, such as immortality, teleportation, invulnerability, and so on. Other powers, such as the ability to throw lighting, fire, and the like vary according to the individual's personality.

Deities gaining their power in this fashion are limited at first. Their teleportation ability takes time to master, and they can quickly tax their powers to the point of exhaustion if they use them too liberally.

If given to a mortal that is on the very brink of death or has very recently died, Ambrosia will revive the mortal, but will not grant any supernatural powers.

In Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Aphrodite gave Ambrosia to Psyche. The Ambrosia was able to turn her into a god and give her back her lost youth.

Deities created by eating AmbrosiaEdit

Callisto: Callisto ate Ambrosia in the episode A Necessary Evil. Her powers revolved primarily around fire. She could create fire, and her teleporting looked like a blast of fire. She could also throw lightning, possessed supernatural strength, telekinesis, energy blasts, regrow limbs, and possessed the typical physical invulnerability shared among all deities.

Psyche: Psyche ate Ambrosia in an episode of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys called The Green Eyed Monster. In Mythology, she became the Greek goddess of the soul, but not that much was shown of her after becoming a goddess in either show. She married Cupid and had a baby, Eros, who was the god of Bliss.

Velasca: Velasca ate Ambrosia in The Quest and named herself the "Goddess of Chaos." Her powers seemed to follow a theme of weather, likely in keeping with the theme of chaos. In addition to the standard strength, teleportation, immortality, and invulnerability of all deities, her supernatural powers included creating tornadoes and lightning.